Possibly The Best Folding Bike Around

After many months of searching almost every single bike store in town, I believe that I have finally come across one with a suitable model for me. It’s called Evans Cycles, it’s based right here in London and it has an extremely large array of different folding bicycles on offer. If any of you are based around the Woolwich area of town, you should totally head down and check it out if you are in the market for purchasing one yourself. Seriously, check it out now.

Anyway, without much ado, I’ll let you all in on what model I finally decided to go for – the Dahon Mu SL. It’s a relatively expensive model, but one that I feel will certainly be worth its weight in gold – okay, probably not quite that much, but close. This bike, simply put, offers so many benefits over not only the cheaper folding bike models, but also the more premium ones too. Also, I think it’s key to point out here that Dahon is a truly premium brand and probably tops Brompton for quality. There really aren’t many fold up bicycles that are as portable and lightweight as the Dahon Mu SL – it really is, in my eyes, the best folding bike around.

Dahon Mu SL

I’d love to hear all of your opinions about this purchase either way, despite the fact that none of you will be able to change my mind here. I’ve received my bike and tested it out too, it really is a monster on the road. Never before, with any type of bike (mountain or folding), have I ever found it so easy to get around town. I literally fly about and can effortlessly carry my bike anywhere with me too. I love the fact that when on my daily commute I can take my new bike along with me on the road and on the tube too – it really does make all of the difference and I’m glad to see more and more people taking advantage of it these days.

I think in the near future there wont be too many people using normal bikes anymore, particularly in large metropolitan cities like London – it’s almost certainly going to be a thing of the past in the next ten years, mark my words folks, it’s the future. So, get ahead of the game yourself, go down to your local bike store and grab one for yourself, you certainly won’t regret it. I’m probably not going to be posting here for a few days now while I test out my new bike, hopefully when I return I’ll have a few awesome stories of places that I’ve visited and things I’ve seen. Thanks again for visiting my blog and reading, I really do appreciate it and I promise I’ll be back posting more in a very short while, keep your eyes peeled people!

If you’d like to find out the exact model that I purchased, head down to Evans Cycles and ask for Mike, he will point you in the right direction as he is a personal friend of mine!

My Daily Activities & My Health

One thing I realized when I was researching ways to improve my life and the effects I had on the environment, is that if the man in charge isn’t working as a well-oiled machine, there is nothing I can do to help those around me from my disappointing state of being. So I shifted my focus to making myself fit first, before helping anyone else. I’ve had New Year’s Resolutions before so I was accustomed to the Gym January or the Fasting February, but right now I needed a serious program that could keep me in check and get me in shape for whatever plan I had to transform my life into an eco-friendly paradise. So I went to a nutritionist and I got the facts on my body: my mass, what regime I needed in order to achieve my recommended weight and  what changes I had to do in my routine.

Sleep and water were a priority as I was scarcely “sacrificing” time for these two priorities. I also needed to cut back on my laziness and start working out or do some sort of physical activity – this is when I started cycling again. Once I had my food and gym regime set, I needed to focus on ways I could keep at it and never lose track of my health requirements again. So I downloaded a health app and started tracking my calorie intake, the glasses of water I drank and my sleep schedule. Amusingly, this app was more addictive than any game I played on my phone, and instead of leveling up I started to focus on maintaining a winning streak by never breaking the lower limit of my necessities. I started exercising more and eating more, because balance was key. I started diversifying my activities – from cycling using the best folding bike to gym to dancing – it was all considered physical effort and it made me feel better. It turned out that my app also had a setting to register the physical movement I did when playing my Wii, so I started calling friends over more in order to play various games on it.
I realized it was not a matter of effort or strictness. I just had to make a game out of it – set goals that I wanted to conquer. It was just another challenge that I had to overcome – but by doing so I had fun and I improved my overall health. I also noticed that by regulating my sleep and food regime, I was in a better mood (no wonder due to the endorphins that came from my physical activities) and consequently I was engaging more with the people I encountered. It was like a ripple effect: the better I felt, the better I behaved and my actions were overall more benefic to everyone. I know it’s a cliché, but it turns out that change really does start from within. All it takes is to find that little switch that makes all the difference in the world.

Folding Bikes – A Personal Favourite

Like any other bike enthusiast, once I started riding one every day, I also had to pick up a brand I was comfortable with and one that fit my figure. I did have a bunch to pick out from but I eventually managed to settle on the best one for me. Having made some friends in my local cycling community (shoutout to your local friendly bike enthusiast!), I had the chance to test various bikes in order to pick my favorite. Now, just like in any other field, there are top brands and knock-offs. I ruled out the latter ones from the start, because the last thing I need is to start greasing up my chain between a meeting with my boss and a lunch with a client. As kinky as that sounds, it was far from my ideal scenario. So at first I tried a regular city bike as I thought “no fuss in dealing with a regular bike that doesn’t ask for much”.

But after I managed to get a flat tire in the middle of a bridge and had to push it all the way to the ground, I decided a foldable bike would fit my requirements better – next time this would happen, I could stop a cab and stash my bike in its trunk until I reached my desired destination. At first I thought that picking up a laterally-folding frame would help me save time and with patience not being one of my virtues, this one sounded perfect. I used my dreamy Tern Link D8 for a week until I was sick of its aspect when folded up – I had to explain I wasn’t part of a horrible accident, that’s just the way my bike looked folded up. Afterwards I decided to try the Strida SX from a friend that highly praised it as the best thing for commuters out there. It all worked out until I decided that I wasn’t keen on the carbon drive and decided to try something else, perhaps made from another material.

So I borrowed a Brompton S2L because the steel made it sound like the safest option there. I was ok with it and it worked better for me than the other ones I’ve tried, but the price really threw me off. So I decided to listen to the voice of reason (or in this case, of the majority) and try a Dahon. That’s when I hit gold. The Dahon Jifo I eventually decided to purchase had a single speed so it was exactly what I was looking for – no complications and no special specifications that had me focused on its benefits and not the ways it could benefit me. I could see why this brand was preferred by the majority of people I talked to – it wasn’t heavy, and it looked great. I loved the way it fit the city and my busy life as its weight and aspect made me feel like a citizen of the future, leading the way to environmental change on my beautiful bike. So I stuck to it and now, years later, I am still happy with my decision how well it goes with my life.

My Love Of Bicycles

The first time I used a bike was as a child, when my parents decided to take me out and show me how to ride one properly. Obviously I was terrified, but what child isn’t? What if dad let go? But just as I was focusing on the next 4 meters in front of me, hoping I won’t fall and break something, dad was focused on the next 40 years of my life. They say “it’s like riding a bike”, meaning there’s no way you can forget to ride one once you’ve learned the basics. And dad knew my lazy college self was not keen on going to the gym at 8 a.m. before class, but I didn’t mind taking my bike instead of walking half the campus for an early dose of knowledge. I used to watch a lot of road cycling on the BBC in the past too, however I don’t too often anymore.

Riding my bike also helped me stay awake, as nobody can fall asleep again after an intense session of cardio. I’m saying intense – because knowing that I can hop on my bike and get there in 5 minutes instead of 15 made me wake up later every day, getting to the point where I woke up 10 minutes before class, having only 3 minutes to get there with my bike. Having to sway my way through people while trying to reach maximum velocity maximized my focus, giving me a nice hit of adrenaline that got me through the next two hours of class. All of this got even more ridiculous as I got my first folding bike that I could carry around. I didn’t have to lose time on parking or locking it up, so that also took 1 minute off my daily routine.

I don’t know how much I got away from that early class, but the one thing I did take with me to my new life in the city was the folding bike. Nowadays, getting from place A to place B due to a line of work that requires me to run all around the city everyday is a piece of cake. Who can say they can carry their reliable, fast transportation with them from the top-floor office to the basement apartment they have to show a certain client? And unlike a skateboard, a folding bike allows me to wear professional attire while speeding my way through the day. And speaking of cake, I can’t underline enough how much this does for my diet. At first it used just to keep me fit, but these days I figured I can add sweets and fried food to my diet with no regrets in sight, because all this cycling around keeps me in shape better than any gym routine would!

I never thought I’d be the kind of person to use a bike – and a folding one no less – on my daily commute, but looks like this was exactly what I needed in order to have my day run its course smoothly. Or should I say for me to run my course on my life path?